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Course Reserves: Fall 2022-Summer 2023

Welcome! Here you will find course books that the Library was able to purchase as e-books or in print.

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Happy Spring Semester!

MAT 141 & 141O Algebra and Trigonometry (M. Fortino; D. Morgan; J. Thelusma)

MAT.142-A Mathematics for Nurses (S. Fateh)

MAT 143 Foundations of Algebra & Trigonometry (A. Angjeli)

MAT 144 Business Math Comp Apps (P. Gianoukos)

MAT.150-A Precalculus (A. Angjeli; M. Jacobs; I. Kamhine; N. Lako; R. Livyant; C. St-Fort; J. Thelusma)

MAT.151-A-J & 151O Calculus I (S. Fateh; D. Morgan; M. Jacobs; and Others)

MAT.152-A-L & 152O Calculus II (M. Luca; P. Gianoukos and Others)

MAT.171-A Advanced Calculus (X. Chang)

MAT.261-A-I & 261O-O2 Statistics (S. Fateh; P. Gianoukos; I. Kamhine; J. Mana; R. Nedkova)

MAT. 261O Statistics (X. Chang)

MAT.461-A/B Biostatistics (M. Luca)

MAT 763 Advanced Statistics (X. Chang)

Ebook Accessibility

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