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NameCoach: The Name Pronunciation Tool

NameCoach is a cloud-based web service that provides a platform for collecting and organizing voice recordings of users’ personal names so others can hear their preferred pronunciation.  It's a simple-to-setup inclusive teaching strategy we hope you'll incorporate into your course design!

How To Use NameCoach

The NameCoach Roster is available in Course Tools (Original) or Books & Tools (Ultra) in all Blackboard course sites.
1. Log in to Blackboard (Chrome is recommended)
2. Navigate to a course
3. Click Tools (or Books & Tools in Ultra / Details & Actions) on the left navigation bar
4. Click NameCoach
5. The NameCoach app will automatically launch
6. Click Record Name button to start recording


  1. Click Record

  2. After clicking Record, your browser will prompt you to Allow it to use your microphone (Figure 1)

  3. After clicking Allow, the recorder will begin to count down to record your name pronunciation. (Figure 2)

  4. A timer will begin to alert you that NameCoach is recording.

  5. Click the Stop button to finish recording.

  6. Listen to the recording or click Record Again if you’d like to record a new audio file.

  7. Click Submit and Finish

Figure 1:Figure 1​​​​​​​Figure 2:


  1. Enter your phone number in the phone number text box

  2. Click Call Now    

  3. Follow the voice prompts to record your name.

  4. When you are done, end the call

  5. Click Submit and Finish

Click on the Edit Your Recording button and you'll be able to re-record via the phone or web recorder

Click NameCoach Roster tool to preview your audio recording and listen to your peers’ recordings.

Instructors can send an email to students who have not yet voice-recorded their names, by clicking on the “Unrecorded Names” tab and then clicking "Remind All," or on the envelope icon to send to an individual student.

In your course navigation panel (left side menu space)

  • Click the "+"
  • Select "Tool Link"

  • Enter NameCoach for name field
  • Select "NameCoach" as Type
  • Be sure to check the "Available to Users" option to enable your students to access the resource
  • Select "Submit"

*The tool link will be the last menu item; you can drag/drop to place it more logically in your menu navigation panel if you'd like

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