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Center for Teaching & Learning: Course Quality Review

Supporting the MCPHS faculty and staff in their commitment to excellence and innovation in teaching and learning

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The Office of Instructional Support invites you to participate in a Course Quality Review (CQR).

The CQR Report provides a course-specific action plan that will be your guide as you consider and implement evidence-based recommendations to facilitate learning and improve learner outcomes. This is a report just for you!

How Do I Begin?

How do I start the process?

  1. If you have questions, send them to Office of Instructional Support.
  2. Complete the request form.
  3. Next, an instructional designer will contact and update you. 
  4. When the review is complete, we'll schedule an appointment to discuss the report and help you plan.

That's all there is to it! We'll do the rest!

What Are the Objectives?

What is a Course Quality Review?

What will I receive?

Once the CQR is completed, we will contact you to setup a meeting and review the report. See the sample report below.

Who receives this report?

You! We do not send this report to anyone else, of course, you are always free to share it. The CQR is a formative tool for your course development.

How do I use this report?

As you read the report and begin thinking about possible changes, please feel free to contact your MCPHS Instructional Support team at We’re ready to guide you through the feedback and help you build a plan of action. Whether it’s revising assignment directions or revamping the course structure, we have the instructional design expertise to support you.

How do I use this information?

Try one of these approaches.

• High-level and targeted: Implement the top 3-5 recommended actions, found in the summary. These are broad and are prioritized from the seven individual feedback sections.

• Specific small bites: Select one of the seven sections and work on just one or two of the recommendations to get started.

• Deep-dive and comprehensive: Select one recommendation from each section to revise first.

What's in this report?

1. Information and Course Details

2. Course Quality Review Scores

3. Course Action Plan

4. Full Review (scores, feedback for each question, and section feedback)

Understanding the CQR Rubric

How is the review organized? The rubric is divided into two parts, course information and objectives (7 sections). The objectives consist of 42 questions (1 point each) comprised of 22 CORE objectives and 20 standard objectives. The report focuses on action and consists of a summary set of recommendations and individual recommendations for each section based on the rubric.

What are CORE Objectives? Throughout the CQR there are 22 CORE objectives. These are the essential objectives a course should meet to achieve baseline readiness and create a strong foundation for student success. Each section has a minimum of 2 CORE objectives.

How are the objectives scored?

  • Met: Criterion evidence is clear and appropriate for the course and demonstrates "best practices."
  • Partially Met: Criterion evidence exists but needs to be presented more clearly or expanded.
  • Not Met: Criterion evidence is not appropriate for the course or no criterion evidence exists.


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