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Center for Teaching & Learning: Ultra Course Transition Information Center

Supporting the MCPHS faculty and staff in their commitment to excellence and innovation in teaching and learning

Welcome to the Learn Ultra Information Center

 Ultra Course Transition Information Center

Original to Ultra Feature Comparison

Monthly Feature Releases

New features, fixes, and updates are released monthly!

Keep up to date on all of the exciting changes being implemented in Learn Ultra!

Brochures & Handouts

Volunteer to "Go Ultra" With Us!

As we begin our project planning, perhaps you'd like to get involved early? Are you interested in becoming an Ultra advocate for your team, program, or school? Let us know how you'd like to contribute and we will be in touch as we move forward!

Introducing the Ultra Experience in Blackboard Learn

Learn Ultra is Blackboard's most modern, intuitive, and personalized Blackboard Learn user experience. Learn Ultra is characterized by simplified workflows and an accessible, fully responsive design—making it easier than ever to teach and learn from any device.

Watch a video about Learn Ultra:


Ultra-Only Tools or Features We Think You'll Love!

Discussion analysis provides an in-depth look at each student’s discussion participation, critical thinking level, and sentence complexity. These performance-based insights show you which students who may need help or are out of the normal range of participation.

You can use learning modules in your course as a container for organized collections of content. Modules let students navigate from one content item to the next without distractions or extra clicks. A learning module helps immerse students in the lesson or concept you're teaching.

You can set accommodations for individual students. You can exempt students from assessment due dates or time limits. Use accommodations to help students progress in the course even though they may have difficulty with some requirements.

Setting accommodations now occurs once - you no longer need to make exceptions for each assessment in your course!

Project Outline & Timeline

We're going Ultra!

Stay tuned to this space as we work with Blackboard to develop a plan that helps us transition to the Ultra course experience for Fall 2023!

Governance Structure Outline

Image listing membership of Blackboard Governance

Blackboard Governance Workgroup Membership

The Blackboard Governance Workgroup has representation from all academic schools/programs as well as key contributors from academic and administrative offices with direct roles in the successful use of Blackboard.

Blackboard Governance Workgroup Subcommittee Structure

The Blackboard Governance Workgroup has formed 4 subcommittees focused on the following components:

  • Best practices & enhancements
  • Faculty & Staff Development
  • Policies
  • Student Success

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