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Center for Teaching & Learning: Teaching With Technology

Supporting the MCPHS faculty and staff in their commitment to excellence and innovation in teaching and learning

Introduction to Instructional Technology & Support

We live in a dynamic age of technology, with seemingly endless possibilities to acquire information coming from so many directions.  How can we harness applications, videos, audio files, and images into Blackboard to meet the needs of various learner styles? Is it possible to enhance our content to present information in a more engaging way? 

These are just SOME of the elements of Instructional Technology and Support--we're here to help you make the most efficient and effective use of the technology available within the University to enhance your course content and improve the learner experience.

Instructional Support

Mary Soojian

Executive Director

Overseeing the Instructional Support team, Mary works to ensure that faculty and staff are able to develop and deliver engaging and effective instruction.  With a technical background and extensive online learning experience from a student's perspective, she hopes to demystify the bits and bytes and help faculty embrace opportunities to reach their students in a variety of ways to meet both the learning objectives of their course and the needs of the learners.

Instructional Technology

Paul Brydges

Instructional Technology Specialist

Do you have a question on how to incorporate technology into your classroom teaching, or is there an aspect of Blackboard you were curious about? Paul, our Instructional Technology Specialist, will be happy to help you brainstorm how to make the maximum impact with your students' learning experience by integrating technologies to support teaching and learning!


Instructional Design

Reena Lederman Gerard

Senior Instructional Designer / Project Manager

Are you interested in active learning, flipped classrooms, assessment options, hybrid course design, linking your course objectives with your assessments? Contact Reena to learn more about course design grounded in teaching and learning theory.

Instructional Design

Kathryn Link

Instructional Designer

With interests in Open Education Resources (OER) and Universal Design for Learning (UDL), Kathy is happy to assist faculty with creating and editing courses to serve students and their quest to learn course material.

Classroom Technology LibGuide

Classroom Technology LibGuide 


Academic Technology is pleased to introduce a new resource for teaching faculty at MCPHS, the Classroom Technology LibGuide, available online at Using this guide, faculty can identify what technology a given classroom or lecture hall has, learn how to best make use of that technology for both the purposes of in-person lectures and remote instruction, and see how to request additional resources if needed. 

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