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Center for Teaching & Learning: GradeScope

Supporting the MCPHS faculty and staff in their commitment to excellence and innovation in teaching and learning

Gradescope is an assessment platform that uses leading-edge technology to dramatically reduce the pain and time associated with traditional grading. It helps digitally collect, organize, and store work; streamline grading workflows for paper-based exams and assignments, bubble sheet exams, online homework, and programming projects; and identify student and class trends with robust statistics and dashboards. If you’re grading student work, this tool will be helpful to you!

Additional Resources

Helpful Pages to Bookmark


  • Help Center | Robust documentation for all workflows and features
  • Get Started | Short videos for key workflows and features in Gradescope
  • Status Page | Real-time information about scheduled maintenance or current incidents
  • Student Center | Helpful guides for students
  • Instructor FAQ | Most common questions and technical issues for instructors
  • Student FAQ | Most common questions and technical issues for students

Live Training/Webinars

Stay tuned for upcoming learning opportunities hosted by Gradescope and/or MCPHS resources!



Watch this 2-minute "What is Gradescope?" video to learn more:

  • Grading equity & fairness - eliminate unintended bias, improve grading consistency, and provide better feedback to all students
  • Add tags to assignment questions - allows you to track student performance and progress on particular course concepts
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