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Video assignments, feedback, presentations, class activities, and skills assessment in the virtual space!

Instructor Resources

Visit GoReact's Instructor resources to learn more about this new tool! Watch tutorial videos, or grab a downloadable PDF to reference as needed:

Training & Webinar Opportunities

An MCPHS-focused webinar was offered on 8/26/20.  If you missed the live event, here's a recording of the session:


MCPHS Training - GoReact

GoReact Features

GoReact is now available at the University!

GoReact is a tool to help teach performance-based skills online, with a variety of exciting features:

  • Cloud-based video tool that integrates directly in Blackboard
  • Offers a variety of feedback options
    • Self, peer, and instructor critique
    • Multi-modal (video, audio, text)
  • Marker library for common feedback tagging
  • Time stamps allow for easy navigation to feedback throughout video
  • Video auto-pauses as you provide feedback
  • Live feedback as students are presenting, in real-time
  • Build and reuse rubrics
  • Send grading results to Blackboard Grade Center
  • ...and so much more! 

Assignment Types

GoReact has three types of assignments available:


The Standard assignment type is the most commonly used assignment type in GoReact. (Previously known as a Self-Submit activity.) 

  • Without any additional settings, this assignment type allows participants to record or upload a standalone video and submit it for feedback
  • With additional settings, this assignment type can be configured to allow live review, multiple cameras, or presenter slides


Stimulus assignments allow participants to record a video response to a prompt video (or other media) that you select. The recorded response will then be synchronized to the stimulus media.

  • This type is commonly used in interpreting and other language activities, for mock interviews, and other prompt-oriented responses.

Comment Only

Comment Only assignments allow participants to evaluate a video without recording their own video response.

  • This assignment type is useful when students need to review a presentation/speech or anytime you want students to simply watch a video and provide feedback.
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