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Center for Teaching & Learning: Online Teaching Strategies

Supporting the MCPHS faculty and staff in their commitment to excellence and innovation in teaching and learning

Communicating with Your Students

This recorded webinar focuses on how you can  build trust and community, decrease you students' cognitive load, and use Universal Design for Learning principles to enhance the learning environment for all of your students.
CC available.

Student Discussions & Collaboration

Breakout rooms in online class session

How to Hold a Better Class Discussion: Advice Guide from The Chronicle of Higher Education "Who is this guide for? Whether you are a new faculty member or a teaching veteran, if you’re looking for advice on how to hold a better class discussion, you’ll find it here in The Chronicle’s guide. You’ll learn how to structure your course and particular class sessions in ways that will get students actively participating — and will enhance their learning."

Improving Breakout Room Discussions in Online Teaching by Using Collaborative Documents explains the "how-to" of structuring and managing this approach to developing engaging and productive group discussion during synchronous online discussions. From 

7 Things You Should Know About: Collaborative Editing Learn What is it? Who's doing it? How does it work? and more from EDUCAUSE.

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Tone & Body Language: Change It Up

How do you talk with your students? Tone and body language matter. They can take a dry topic and make it it more interesting, draw quiet students out, communicate enthusiasm, and develop a teacher-student connection. Watch these videos to see just what we mean.


Videos: Let Your Personality Shine

A robot running an online class.

From Don't Turn  into a Bot Online: Three Easy Strategies to Let Your Personality Shine in Your Online Course

  1. It's okay that you're not a video superstar. Tips for making a good video.
  2. Bring your humor. Tips on what adds interest for your students.
  3. Reach out and check in. Tips on staying connected.

Managing Your Time

Grading: Make the Most of Your Time 
Tips to help you grade faster.  

Streamline Online Course Discussions 
Tips + a list of resources for streamlining discussion design and effective management.

Let Your Students Take the Lead
Pedagogically-sound approach for large course discussions.

8 Ideas to Inspire Learning

Student Engagement in the Online Classroom: Eight Quick Tips to Spark Students' Learning

  1. Provide lecture outlines
  2. Use pre-course videos and subject matter video constructively
  3. Lecture in bursts
  4. Have PowerPoint and other resources ready
  5. Poll while you lecture
  6. Post shared notes
  7. Plan scheduled breaks for student interactions
  8. Have fun and prepare to entertain!


Engaging and Motivating Students Online

Driving Question: In what ways was your education different from that being described by the professors in this video?

With the shift towards student-centered, or driven, learning, students must rethink and adjust their learning.  Although our responsibilities as educators doesn't change, how we support that learning - or go about teaching - must be reconsidered.

Topics: Student engagement, collaborative learning, sustained motivation, teacher presence, learning community.

*This video focuses on online; however, the fundamental concepts are relevant in all settings. 

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