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Center for Teaching & Learning: Blackboard - Getting Started

Supporting the MCPHS faculty and staff in their commitment to excellence and innovation in teaching and learning

All of your registered courses and sections are assigned a corresponding Blackboard course shell, and Information Services (IS) creates the shells after the 1st round of pre-registration activities every semester:

Fall Course Shells: Mid June
Spring Course Shells: Late October
Summer Course Shells: Late March

To see your courses, log into Blackboard and look for Courses (they should be in the center module once you're logged in). 

Image of Course Listing in Blackboard

If you don't see your course shell:

  • Check with the Registrar's Office to be sure that you're the assigned faculty member of record
  • If they confirm that you are, submit a request to the IS Help Desk for assistance!

You can easily move around, add content to, edit, and change your course shell in order to improve your students' learning environment.

Instructor options

A. Course Menu
The access point for all course content. You control which links appear on the course menu.

B. Control Panel
Your access point for course management functions, including course style, course tools, and users. Students don't see the Control Panel.

C. Student Preview
Lets you can review course content and validate course behaviors from a student's perspective. A very helpful tool as you're setting up the course. More on student preview.

D. Edit Mode
When Edit Mode is ON, all the instructor functions appear, including Build Content and the appearance of menus. When Edit Mode is OFF, all instructor functions are hidden. The Edit Mode function appears to users with a role of instructor, teaching assistant, course builder, and administrator.

E. Functions
In the rows above the content, access page-level functions such as Build Content, Search, Delete, and Upload. The functions change based on where you are in your course.

F. Menus
An Options Menu icon appears for components with menus, such as content items, course menu links, or Grade Center columns. The options in the menu vary based on the component.

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