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Center for Teaching & Learning: Service Opportunities

Supporting the MCPHS faculty and staff in their commitment to excellence and innovation in teaching and learning

What is Service at MCPHS?

Service, teaching and scholarship are the three foundations of a faculty member's role within the MCPHS community. While you'll find an in-depth description in the Faculty Manua, which is available through Academic Affairs, we've included some examples of typical service activities here for you.

  • Advises students on academic and curricular issues and career development
  • Mentors faculty members and professional colleagues locally and nationally in teaching,scholarship, and/or professional development
  • Chairs or serves on a committee or task force within the University
  • Leads and/or contributes to policy formation of community/professional organizations
  • Receives awards for service to University, school, professional organizations or community organizations
  • Participates in open-house events, special University functions, self-study and strategic planning activities
  • Assists colleagues with practice site development and provides preceptor training for external institutions
  • Develops and maintains innovative practices or new clinical guidelines or services
  • Monitors outcomes of clinical interventions or programs
  • Educates patients, providers and healthcare system staff in practice settings
  • Holds elected offices or appointed positions in professional organizations

Want to know more about academic service in general? Consider reading Faculty Service Roles and the Scholarship of Engagement  (from Stanford University's Tomorrow Professor blog).

Standing Committees

The University offers many opportunities for service in addition to the standing committees listed below. Talk to your Dean, Director, or Department Chair to learn more.


Academic Standing Committees – each school has its own committee

Academic Standing Committee - College-wide

Curriculum Committees – each school has its own committee

Dispute Resolution

Educational Technology Resource Group (ETRG)

Faculty Development - Boston

Faculty Development - W/M

Faculty Mentoring Institute (FMI)

Faculty Mentors for Veteran Students - Boston

Faculty Mentors for Veteran Students - W/M

HIPAA (Health Insurance Privacy and Portability Act)

Institutional Animal Care and Use (IACUC)

Institutional Assessment

Institutional Effectiveness/NECHE (formerly NEASC-CIHE) Self-Study Steering (Subcommittee chairs) Committee

Institutional Effectiveness/NECHE (formerly NEASC-CIHE) Self-Study Steering Committee

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Promotion Review

Sabbatical Leave

Safety - Boston

Safety - Worcester

Safety - Manchester


Academic Council

Faculty Senate

Graduate Council

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